It’s not by accident that Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Here you can choose from an enormous range of activities starting with tourist programmes across hiking, scuba diving or learning about traditional life of the island. It’s not only magnificently breathtaking but it has various landscapes photo enthusiasts can perfectly satisfy their hunger with. Colours and views are so unique and this is the region which highlights the enthralling beauty of nature the most.

Thanks to the miscellaneous terrain conditions you can equally climb more than two thousand meters high volcanic hills, admire rivers, waterfalls, valleys and meet the traditional life of farmers working on terraced rice fields as well. Besides, don’t forget about the spectacular beaches. During and after the rainy season vegetation is amazingly bright coloured and rivers are just swelling, so it’s an ideal tract for arrival.

Depending on which part of Bali you want to visit, beaches are mostly bestrewed with black volcanic sand but there are some with white sand also. Travelling across the island you can find wide, long, crowded surf centres with huge waves and lot of tourists but if you’re interested only in nature, calm, silent beaches located in tiny bays are suggested for you. These areas are less rubbishy so it can be perfect for taking photos with its pure view of clear water, virgin sand and palm trees. Be on any shore, it’s worth getting up early for the perfect lights of sunrise or staying longer to see the unforgettable Bali sunset at least for a few times. Believe it, you won’t be able to get enough of that view.

Snorkelling or scuba diving is a great experience in life but if you do it not just to treat yourself but to record it too, your Bali album is just going to be complete. The region has an exceptionally rich marine biodiversity you’re going to be amazed by with the widest range of fish and corals. There are a lot of special species existing nowhere else on Earth but only near the coasts of Bali.

Another interesting issue here is culture and religion. Besides Christianity, Muslim and Buddhism the predominant religion is Hinduism. There are a lot of celebrations in connection with Hinduism mixed with Balinese elements, such as cremation or tooth-filing which is a coming-of-age ceremony. Thanks to the deep religion, Bali has numerous beautiful temples tourists and photographers like to visit, such as Besakih Temple, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple or Gunung Kawi Temple. All of them has a unique element and surrounded with fascinating natural environment makes them all worth visiting.

Bali is a magical must-have place for both hobby and professional photographers. You should prepare for extreme swelter but rain storms as well and mustn’t forget about using certified taxes to avoid scams. Decide, which season you want to visit the island and be part of a lifelong photography lesson.