Canggu nightlife has become a favorite destination for travellers for the past few years. Good food, great ambiance and an overall cool vibe surrounds this village that makes everyone want to return or not leave for too long. Part of this Canggu “magnet” is the funky nightlife that goes on week by week. Below we list a couple of the most famous spots to go out for one drink or ten and find likeminded people for a chat or dance move. 

Old Man’s

Old Man’s is one of the most famous bars/restaurants in Canggu. It opens its doors in the morning for breakfast with a very family-style environment. You can see the longboards starting to leave the racks and moving towards Batu Bolong beach for long days of sunny fat waves.  For lunch and dinner there are various food options: Fish & Chips is the top seller but other favourites are the famous Indonesian dish Nasi Goreng and International delicacies such as Burgers, Nachos, and Italian pastas. Old Man’s gets very animated and busy at 5pm when Happy Hour starts (5-6 pm every weekday). Canggu local residents and the new visitors get together for an hour of fast drinking until the bell rings at 6pm. Almost every night the party keeps on going after 6 with Live music or DJ’s leading the dance floor. Wednesdays and Fridays are the “I can’t miss this” nights with Dirty Ol’ Weds party and Friday Live Music.

Pretty Poison

This is a unique party place. Imagine a dance floor, loud Rock & Roll, a skate bowl (looks like and empty pool), a skate movie on the canvas and bodies getting tattooed. All this overlooking the Canggu rice fields and facing a beautiful sunset (if you go that early). The skating aficionados show their skills sliding and turning down the bowl. Cool pics are taken and new angles are found in this photogenic place. Nicely made cocktails and cold Bintangs flow with the sound and sweat of the warm Canggu nights.

Deus Ex Machina

Despite what you might have already heard about this iconic place, you probably didn’t know it is actually originally a concept store with custom bikes and surfboards. DEUS – as it’s normally called – also has a restaurant, a concert venue, an art gallery, a tattoo parlour and a great boutique where you can find bike and surf inspired clothes and accessories alongside incredible custom bikes and vintage surfboards. The restaurant is open from 7 am to 11 pm and it gets quite busy for evenings and their famous “Tuesday, Tacos and Tattoos” (imagine Tacos with a cold beer and free tattoos!) and their great Sunday parties with live music and lots of fun.