Health benefits of Surfing

Outdoor sports are obviously the best ways of fitness. Nature is the best coach ever – it rolls obstacles you can get through but you really have to work for it. It’s sufficiently challenging but it’s worth fighting for. The environment and circumstances you can work out under are priceless, way much healthier and cosier than in a closed gym downtown.

Surfing is one of the healthiest sports both physically and mentally. While getting fit, you can enjoy all the beauty and pleasures of Mother Nature, get rid of stress and just enjoy the fresh air. Now, we’ve collected the best 5 benefits of surfing.

  1.  The number one advantage of surfing is the cardiovascular aspect. Paddling is a key movement on the board which moves the whole body into motion and keeps your heart rate up during your session. It’s the best way of cardio workout making your heart healthy and the fat burning effect will last for hours after you’ve finished.
  2. Getting fit can be really hard starting with the fact that you have to find the best way fits you the most. When surfing, you can maximally enjoy the close of nature which distracts your attention from feeling obliged to hold on, however, toned muscles and lean body are guaranteed. Paddling develops mostly the back muscles, the quads, core and booty and fat is just melting.
  3. As we mentioned above, surfing helps you get rid of all the stress in your body. Stress is the most common cause of illnesses that’s why self-care and slow living are so popular nowadays. There’s nothing better than riding the waves after a tough day and pay attention only to yourself, your progress and nature.
  4. The best way to get our daily dose of vitamin D is to spend some time outdoor and enjoy the sunshine. We can try to replace it with some supplements but that’s not the same. While surfing, you can get it directly from the sun what’s more, you’re going to be healthily tanned. You just need to provide for using sunscreen!
  5. Some people usually forget about the importance of sleeping and claim that grown-ups don’t need that much of it like children. Although, it’s the most crucial part of the day for our body when it can recover, rest and is not interrupted in doing its task. At the end of the day, after a well-deserved surfing class you will definitely sleep like a log – pleasantly exhausted by the sun, wind and full-time concentration.

Surfing is not only a sport but a community where similar people find friends, help each other and share their story to have something to learn from. It gives the sense of belonging, easy-going and accepting attitude and finally, confidence and balance. You only have to grab a board and dive into those wonderful waves.