Surfing has a serious ancient history you may have heard a lot about. Today it’s one of the most famous outdoor activities thus its fashion side must satisfy the wide range of customer needs. Every person has a unique style – why not to represent it when riding the waves? If you wanted to know more about the story of surf clothing, you’ve come to the right place.

In the very beginning, just before surfing would became a cottage industry in the 1950’s, people liked to show their sense of style by using totally unique hacks, such as drawstrings around their trunks and other similar, “minimal” versions for their passion as the easiest, cheapest solutions. Luckily, there were some brave ones who dared to dream big, make people happy and make the world be a better place by establishing their apparel company and hence turning surfing customs into a multi-billion industry.

Believe it or not, Jack O’Neill was the first who designed a rudimentary wetsuit especially for surfing also in the 1950’s. He was the creator of the all-time classic vest silhouette combined with neoprene material which makes the garment keep the body warm and be waterproof.

The 1960’s was the decade when this wonderful activity became culture and actually conquered the whole world by means of being mainstream. The wardrobe must-haves were white T-shirts, aloha shirts, and trucker hats. What else, how could we forget about Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii, in those hot white shorts, right? After all, surf uniform was no longer just functional but fashionable and was increasingly worn also on the streets by everyone.

When the Australian Tony Brown visited Bali in 1973, he was so obsessed to this beautiful paradise (who wouldn’t be?) that he decided to launch his surf fashion company called Kuta Lines. The brand’s specialty was the Indonesian textiles and designs Brown was determined to apply and from the 80’s they implemented the traditional ikat dying and weaving methods into their production to optimize comfortable climate for surfing.

Since then, there’s no limit – tons of brands have appeared to serve all the tastes. Neutral pastel colours are equally essentials just like floral prints, V-necks, board shorts and denim shorts – high waisted, low waisted, embroidered, ripped, DIY, ready-made.

As time was passing, this style has transformed into a life statement what represents freedom, the respect of nature while breaking the rules, disregarding others’ opinions and what the world thinks. Natural bronze tan and the slight-curled hair styled by salty water and wind is the look we imagine when thinking about this lifestyle which is actually more widespread nowadays than the sport itself. It’s something forever, something that never goes out of fashion.