Hi, everyone. In this first post in our blog, I am going to start with some easy information but often forgotten about Bali, which is its location on our Planet Earth. This is not a geography class, so I am just going to get you through this briefly, just to give you some idea.

If you open this blog and land on this page no matter what your purpose is, you must have heard about Bali, or also called the Island of Gods. Bali is one of the most popular tourists destinations in the world.  Despite its popularity, I have found an intriguing fact that many people still do not know where Bali is located. Some people even think that Bali is a country. If you are one of those people who think that Bali is a country, I am telling you now my friend that it is not!

Bali is part of Indonesia, a large Southeast Asian Country that consists of 18.000 Islands according to the latest report by National Institute of Aeronautics and Space. This chain of islands creates a large archipelago country across the equator line. Bali itself is just one little tiny island among those eighteen thousand. Below are pictures to show you where Indonesia and specifically where Bali is located.

As you can see on picture number 2, the whole green area is Indonesia and a little green dot inside the red square is Bali. So, for some of you who were wondering where this Island lies down on the blue planet, you might have a clearer picture right now. You might also be able to imagine how far from home you would be when you are in Bali or in Indonesia.

We can call Indonesia the big mama of Bali. It might not be as famous as its offspring, however, this mother of eighteen thousand islands deserves a little bit more of attention. Indonesia is a huge country which is made up of beautiful volcanic islands, a large variety of ethnic groups with 300 different languages. It has fertilised soil that grows various plants and a home of diverse animals. Apart from its nature, its people are famous for its friendliness. So, I would say that Indonesia is a combination of beautiful nature and rich culture.

If I want to tell you the whole interesting story about Indonesia, I will stay awake all night long. So, this is it for the first post. There is still a lot of fascinating things about arts, music, religion, traditions, languages, islands, and ethnic groups that will be written in the next posts.

Thank you for popping by. See you in the next story!