Mondo Fitness includes ground training movements executed with bodyweight and TRX suspensions and is perfect for those who prefer the traditional ways of exercising in the safety of the stable soil. Cardiovascular sessions are crucial, but building muscle mass is equally important however, is often overlooked too. Bodyweight workouts are the type of strength training that help rebuild muscle wear and get a toned shape at every age.

Bodyweight training is usually underestimated though it is often harder to carry out than machine workouts. Furthermore, it is absolutely accessible and requires no equipment – only if you would like to juice up your session with TRX suspensions which you can easily do at Mondo.


Building lean muscles is proved to be great not only for the heart but also for blood vessels, hormone production, lungs and especially for brain activity. In order to maintain a healthy weight and strong metabolic functions, such as hormonal balance, insulin sensitivity or thyroid function, building strength is indispensable.

Exercising is basically a natural remedy to prevent diabetes, since it helps to remove glucose (sugar) from the blood and redirect it to your muscles to get stored as glycogen and used for energy later. Exercising with bodyweight and TRX the body is allowed to easily adjust movements according to your ability level. This way, the risk of injuries and overload is lower than with free weights or machines.

According to your preferences, cardio and strength training can be easily combined included in a bodyweight-TRX class. Performing a cardio session between two strength exercises will pump your heart along with strengthening the muscles. In addition, the afterburn effect is real – your body still burns fat and calories for hours even after you’ve finished your workout.

Let’s be honest, weight training can be extremely boring in a certain time. One of the greatest advantages of bodyweight exercising is that it is super refreshing. There are countless variations of movements, in different order, in different length that fit both your fitness level and your mood – the options are endless, especially if TRX is involved also. Indeed, it’s relieving not only for your body, but for your mental well-being as well. The decision of spicing your session up with TRX or challenging yourself only with your own weight is just in your hands.

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