Bungee Fitness


Bungee Fitness

Try out our new Bungee Fitness activity and enjoy an uplifting workout experience. This new fitness craze is a fun alternative to traditional workouts and gives an exciting twist to your training routine. It combines resistance training with cardiovascular workout, that’s way it is so unique and popular these days.

Indeed, a harness is attached to bungee cords that you are wearing throughout the session, providing resistance, assistance, security and comfort while challenging your body. You can expect a low-impact cardio workout with intensive sweating, burn and radical calorie loss.


Due to the stretchy cord that is attached to your waist from the ceiling, movements are easier to carry out. On the other hand, you are forced to stretch out the harness with every inch of your body to complete exercises correctly. According to this, all of your muscles are involved in the whole workout and get entirely moved.

Besides torching calories and keeping your heart healthy, Bungee Fitness is perfect to improve flexibility and mobility without causing joint problems as weight is supported from above. By the same token, every moment you spend hanging from the ceiling, your core muscles continuously work to keep you stabilized and balanced.

A great advantage of Bungee Fitness is that it’s equally suitable for children, elderly or even for those who are recovering after an injury or has had some in the past. It allows to execute a great cardio workout without constant exacting motions that can hurt and ignite injuries.

Last but not least, Bungee Fitness is a great way to boost your metabolism to immediately start burning fat, increase your stamina and tone your muscles along with growing fitness, confidence and happiness.

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