Now Everyone Can Surf!


“NOW EVERYONE CAN SURF” that is our motto for surf lessons at Mondo Surf Village.

We have available the right team and equipment to make everyone feel safe to stand up on the board and flow with the waves.

Whether you’re a beginner (never touched a surf board) or intermediate, Bali is the perfect place for your Surf journey.

If you are a beginner, you will learn the basics of surfing in theory and in a practical way. This includes proper stretching, water etiquette, surf equipment, paddling, duck diving and turtle rolls, best positioning for surfing, water channels and more. We will fine-tune your techniques before hitting the water so you will be more comfortable when catching the first “white waters” and trying to stand up.

For intermediate level students, our coaches will be working in a separate group. They will help correcting details and postures for more efficiency and giving tips to make you improve to the next level of surfing.

Private lessons: we also provide private surf lessons.

This is for the ones that want to improve their level in a faster pace or simply need the 1-1 attention. Discuss with the instructor your surf level and what you want to develop in each class.

Price per person 42 EUR

The Surf journey starts each day around 9.45am. The Surf cars leave Mondo in the direction of the selected Surf break (according to ocean conditions and the group surf level). Each Surf lesson includes 2 surf sessions (morning and afternoon). Sometimes, if the conditions don’t allow to have 2 sessions, 1 longer session is provided before returning to Mondo around 16.30.

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