Indulge the Traditional Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage Treats

Balinese Massage

Enjoy a typical Balinese massage treat. The famous Bali massage is a great way of relaxing mind and body after an active day or week.

Listen to the sound of the river while getting pampered in our outdoor traditional Bale. Adjust pressure details with the therapists, close your eyes and unwind. Price for 60 mins – 14 euro

Reflexology Foot Massage

Book for an amazing Reflexology Foot Massage. It is good not only to improve blood circulation and relieves body pain but also alleviates swelling and helps in relaxation by applying reflexology pressures on the nearly 15000 nerve endings of the feet. Turn off your mind and enjoy all the benefits of a Foot Massage. Price for 60 mins – 12 euro

Four Hand Massage

Come and try our Four Hand Massage. This massage is done by two therapists at the same time, practicing slow, detailed movements while varying pace and pressures. According to this, you will definitely feel like having two full body massages at once. Say goodbye to hard times and be part of a heavenly experience. Price for 60 mins – 25 euro

We also offer the possibility of having the massage in the comfort of your room in our portable massage table.

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