Surf Video Analysis

We are really serious about taking you to the next surfing level and helping you improve your skills. It is always a heart-warming pleasure to see our guests accomplish a new movement for the first time. We are eager to widen your abilities and develop our tools in parallel of your surf progress. That is why we decided to start applying surf video analysis to all our surf classes.

What is this about?

  1. We make a record of all your surf sessions regardless of your level.
  2. At the end, you and your teacher replay the video and analyze your performance.
  3. Your teacher makes a review and gives you instructions how to advance your skills.

Why is this amazing?

Video analysis has several proven essential benefits which have helped numerous surfers hit the next level. Seeing yourself on video will face you what you might be doing wrong. You will understand what movements you have to pay special attention to and this will boost your learning process. The best thing about video analysis is that it helps you identify your wrong motions and knowingly build on the good ones.

Who is this for?

  1. For surfers who want to achieve the basic moves and develop fast and efficient.

Come to Mondo Surf Village and be part of the most effective surf learning journey!

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