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Private Retreat

Enjoy your own private retreat with all our facilities all year round. Thanks to our numerous activities you can be part of a complete self-care journey to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally in the long run. Booking our Private Retreat gives you one on one attention and allows you to go through the theme of your choice in a more intimate, self-generative way.

We ensure accommodation with ten rooms all decorated with a beautiful traditional yet cosy and homely design, also equipped with beautiful bathrooms, amazing garden, shared areas, and several facilities for each activity. Our private pool gives you the chance to relax between activities sipping an energy boosting smoothie from the poolside Mondo Bar.

We are happy to organize different kinds of food depending on your taste including fitness, vegan or Indonesian ones. Our menu is designed to include both Western and Indonesian food so the range of meals is absolutely customizable. We take special care to always serve healthy food that helps you feel full and energized, boosts your metabolism and ensures all the essential nutrients you need for a physical well-being.

Our professional surf instructors are happy to help you with both beginner or advanced lessons and always provide useful tips and hacks to efficiently improve your skills. Thanks to our Video Surf Analysis service, we make a record about all your surf sessions regardless of your level which you can replay with your teacher and analyse your performance. In the light of that, you will get further personalized instructions how to master the movements and rock the next level.

We also have different coaches that you can use for the following activities:

  • Martial Arts: Martial arts are a great way to get self-confidence by improving your fitness level and help you acquire some self-defence movements. Muay Thai makes every inch of your body move hence challenging your physical fitness and mental strength also while Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps a smaller and weaker person defend against a stronger and heavier opponent by using proper technique.
  • Yoga: There’s nothing better than start the day with a morning Yoga class listening to nature. Our Yoga lessons are the perfect combination of ashtanga style and vinyasa flow that help you awaken both your body and mind. Your yoga level doesn’t matter, everyone is welcome and the all-day long energy boost is guaranteed after the session.
  • Photography: Our Photography classes help you develop your photography skills while exploring the authentic culture of Bali that has continued to flourish for decades. Seeing Bali through the eye of your lenses and capture the beautiful moments will be the best lifetime experiences.

You only need to decide where to put your focus and what you want to accomplish with your Private Retreat – transformation, adventure, healing or relaxation? If you need support choosing the right way, do not hesitate to ask for assistance and write us to

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