Aerial Yoga


Aerial Yoga is quite a new form of yoga, that includes both traditional yoga and Pilates movements jazzed up with dance-inspired exercises and postures that defy gravity. True to its namesake, this sport is practiced by using a hammock or a swing of soft material that is fixed to the ceiling, making movements easier and providing support. Similar to traditional type, this activity also grants several benefits adding some unique ones that will definitely make you try this new way of working out.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

The greatest thing about aerial yoga is that it releases tension thanks to the suspension and moves your entire body hence lengthening ligaments, strengthening core muscles and also improving spinal and shoulder flexibility. It not only tones and redefines the muscles of both the upper and lower body, but also regenerate and strengthens the joints. According to this, those who suffer from back pain, this is an excellent option too since it puts less stress on the back along with the decompression of the spine allowing it to lengthen.

There are numerous practices in traditional yoga that are hard to achieve and require a certain ability level. However, aerial yoga makes your stretches more effective while you are suspended against gravity, making you learn new skills and perform even difficult poses that you could not earlier.

Above all, we mustn’t forget about the effects that aerial yoga has on the internal body functioning. It includes the improvement of all the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems as well as healing various digestion-related issues, such as constipation and indigestion. Thanks to the high amount of stretching, the abdomen gets relaxed and relieves from irritable bowel syndrome also.

Additionally, just like other activities, this is a perfect way to get rid of all your stress and frustrations and enhances your mood by rebuilding your emotional system. The spiritually uplifting experience of hanging free in the air has a strengthening power on neutral connections as well, which results better memory, concentration and better mental abilities, like intelligence.


Bungee Fitness

Try out our new Bungee Fitness activity and enjoy an uplifting workout experience. This new fitness craze is a fun alternative to traditional workouts and gives an exciting twist to your training routine. It combines resistance training with cardiovascular workout, that’s way it is so unique and popular these days.

Indeed, a harness is attached to bungee cords that you are wearing throughout the session, providing resistance, assistance, security and comfort while challenging your body. You can expect a low-impact cardio workout with intensive sweating, burn and radical calorie loss.


Due to the stretchy cord that is attached to your waist from the ceiling, movements are easier to carry out. On the other hand, you are forced to stretch out the harness with every inch of your body to complete exercises correctly. According to this, all of your muscles are involved in the whole workout and get entirely moved.

Besides torching calories and keeping your heart healthy, Bungee Fitness is perfect to improve flexibility and mobility without causing joint problems as weight is supported from above. By the same token, every moment you spend hanging from the ceiling, your core muscles continuously work to keep you stabilized and balanced.

A great advantage of Bungee Fitness is that it’s equally suitable for children, elderly or even for those who are recovering after an injury or has had some in the past. It allows to execute a great cardio workout without constant exacting motions that can hurt and ignite injuries.

Last but not least, Bungee Fitness is a great way to boost your metabolism to immediately start burning fat, increase your stamina and tone your muscles along with growing fitness, confidence and happiness.

Tranquility at Nature


Start your day listening to nature in our morning Yoga class. Awaken the body and mind with a combination of ashtanga style with vinyasa flows. The class is adapted to please every level of practice and everyone is welcome. A vibrant smile after class is guaranteed.

The first Yoga class starts at 7.00am until 8.00am followed by our tasty breakfast options.

After a day of activities and adventure, join a relaxing afternoon yoga session. This restorative class combines long-held yin stretches with graceful slow flows and transitions, specifically targeting the muscles used while surfing. All poses are done from the floor (no standing postures), making this a relaxing, meditative class, perfect for increasing flexibility in a passive, restful way.

The second Yoga class starts at 5.00pm until 6.00pm.

Surf Video Analysis

We are really serious about taking you to the next surfing level and helping you improve your skills. It is always a heart-warming pleasure to see our guests accomplish a new movement for the first time. We are eager to widen your abilities and develop our tools in parallel of your surf progress. That is why we decided to start applying surf video analysis to all our surf classes.

What is this about?

  1. We make a record of all your surf sessions regardless of your level.
  2. At the end, you and your teacher replay the video and analyze your performance.
  3. Your teacher makes a review and gives you instructions how to advance your skills.

Why is this amazing?

Video analysis has several proven essential benefits which have helped numerous surfers hit the next level. Seeing yourself on video will face you what you might be doing wrong. You will understand what movements you have to pay special attention to and this will boost your learning process. The best thing about video analysis is that it helps you identify your wrong motions and knowingly build on the good ones.

Who is this for?

  1. For surfers who want to achieve the basic moves and develop fast and efficient.

Come to Mondo Surf Village and be part of the most effective surf learning journey!

See Bali through the eye of your lenses

Photography Workshops

Sharpen your photography skills with the guidance of Mondo’s professional photographer with our photography workshops. See Bali through the eye of your lenses and capture beautiful moments that will stay for a lifetime.

This classes are a great opportunity to develop your photographic skills while exploring the authentic culture that has been prospered unchanged for centuries. Photography in Bali is an artist’s dream palet. Capture the beauty of the ISLAND OF GODS and the daily rituals of the Balinese culture.

Each class is 90 minutes and can take place nearby Mondo or end up in fascinating locations such as remote rice fields, fish markets, empty beaches or amazing sunsets. You will need your personal camera and will learn to use its full potential and the right format for each environment.

Price per person 35 EUR

Get Healthy & Defend Your Self!

Martial Art Classes

Get physical while staying at Mondo with our Martial Arts classes. Martial Arts are a great way to get a work out your body and learn some fighting and self defense skills. Learn to move with precise techniques and in better efficient ways. We have experienced coaches willing to making you have a good time on the mats and bringing you to intense cardio and fitness levels in a safe and relaxed environment. We have available:


It is a Martial Art form originated from Thailand. It is also referred as “The Art of the Eight Limbs”, as the hands, shins, elbows and knees are all used extensively in this art.

Training Muay Thai at Mondo will challenge you physical fitness as well as your mental strength depending on how far you want to be pushed. Students will also benefit from cardio workout, muscle conditioning-coordination and agility. Muay Thai will improve your body ability to perform in other sports such as Surfing or Dancing, or simply help you to feel good having fun “kicking butt” (on the pads of course) ?


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) was created in Brazil. Developed by Helio Gracie he proved that a smaller and weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger and heavier opponent by using proper technique and leverage. Besides being a great workout, it makes you move parts and muscles of your body that you didn’t even know existed. BJJ is similar to Judo with emphasis on the floor movement. It is considered one of the most efficient forms of self defence and mostly appreciated by women.

Price per person 35 EUR

Now Everyone Can Surf!


“EVERYONE CAN SURF” that is our motto for surf lessons at Mondo Village.

We have available the right team and equipment to make everyone feel safe to stand up on the board and flow with the waves.

Whether you’re a beginner (never touched a surf board) or intermediate, Bali is the perfect place for your Surf journey.

If you are a beginner, you will learn the basics of surfing in theory and in a practical way. This includes proper stretching, water etiquette, surf equipment, paddling, duck diving and turtle rolls, best positioning for surfing, water channels and more. We will fine-tune your techniques before hitting the water so you will be more comfortable when catching the first “white waters” and trying to stand up.

For intermediate level students, our coaches will be working in a separate group. They will help correcting details and postures for more efficiency and giving tips to make you improve to the next level of surfing.

Private lessons

For the ones that want to improve their level in a faster pace or simply need the 1-1 attention.

Discuss with the instructor your surf level and what you want to develop in each class.

Price per instructor – 25 EUR/day
Private day session: – 50 EUR per person. Includes a separate car hire, material and surf guide.

Surf journey starts each day around 9.45am. The cars leave Mondo Village in the direction of the selected Surf break (according to ocean conditions and the group surf level). Each Surf lesson includes 2 surf sessions (morning and afternoon). Sometimes, if the conditions don’t allow to have 2 sessions, 1 longer session is provided before returning to Mondo before 16.30.

Schedule is subject to change according to surf conditions. Every end of the day, the Surf Leader will brief the group for the next surfing day plan.